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godox qs 400d professional studio flash soft light for photography купить по лучшей цене

The GODOX 600D Studio Flash provides the ideal lighting solution for professional photography. The monolight features flash durations as short as 1/2000 sec for the ultimate in stop-action while still maintaining steady color temperature. The knobs and push buttons on the back panel allow you to easily adjust the power and modeling lamp intensity. It features slave function and USB port to connect wireless trigger, and also allows you to hard wire the flash to your camera via the 3.5mm phono sync interface. Features Fast 0.3 sec. recycle time at full power. Speedy 1/2000 sec. flash duration. Stable 5600±200K color temperature. No more than 1% shifts when under the same output for outstanding output stability. LED display for easy operation. Comes with a 150W modeling lamp. Specification Brand GODOX Model QS-600D Power 600W Guide Number (m ISO 100) 76 Recycle Time 0.3-1.5s Color Temperature 5600±200K Flash Duration1/2000 -1/800s Power Output Control OFF,5.0-8.0(1/32-1/1) Modeling Lamp 150W Fuse 5A Power Supply220V Triggering Method Sync cord, test button, slave triggering, wireless control port Weight 2.8 kg Dimension 41 x 23 x 14 cm
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