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hd hdmi output mini tv handheld game console video game console for nes games with 500 different built in games 4k tv pal купить по лучшей цене

Description : 8 Bit Video TV Classic Game Console D99 with 2 Game Player Controllers and Nes FC Games Card Everyone has some childhood memory that worth to recall through all of one's lifetime. The print of childhood would show up once a while when we growing up. It's a good gift for him/her to recall memory of childhood. AC/DC Input: 110-220V System: PAL Package includeds : 1 x D99 Game Console 2 x Game Controller 1 x Game Card (Randomly send as gift.) 1 x Audio/Video Cable for TV 1 x Power Plug (Also come with an adapter according to your country~) You also can buy more games and have fun in [400-in-1 + 198-in-1 games card] & [150-in-1 games card] Details pictures :
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