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heacent p175p 3d printers dedicated 1 75mm filament abs print materials pink 1kg купить по лучшей цене

Made of PLA, the SUNLU 3D printer filament is rather friendly to both the users and environment. With strict quality control, the 3D printer filament is guaranteed to be no mixture, no spot, no impurity and no abrazine. Features Multi Colors There are different colors of filament in 1 piece, satisfies your colorful needs. Glossy appearance It can be easily cut, filed or glued post printing. Dimensional accuracy of ± 0.02mm Compatible with most commercially available non-cartridge based 3D printers. Less warping This is why it is possible to print without a heated bed. Noctilucent This PLA filament glows in the dark after absorbing light form illuminant, like sunlight, lighting bulb, etc. Quality Guaranteed All the materials are guaranteed to be brand new, 100 % non-refurbished. Healthy and Environment friendly PLA material are friendly to both human beings and environment, please feel free to print. Specification Brand SUNLU Material PLA Tolerance ± 0.02mm Print Speed 50-100mm/s Print Temperature 190-220°C Length 1.75mm 330m, 3.0mm 115m Diameter 1.75mm/3mm Bubble 100% zero-bubble Baseplate Temperature NO heat Net Weight 1kg
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