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high quality 50w 220v lead free digital display station mt 665 electric iron welding soldering rework repair tool 200 480c купить по лучшей цене

NO.905C heat adjustable thermostat longevity soldering iron transparent handle stainless steel housing high-quality ceramic heating elements lead-free soldering tip longevity and new integrated automatic temperature controller etc. directly on the handle to set temperature and automatic thermostat with warming fast accurate temperature control and difficult to damp leakage lightweight feel nice advantages. In the welding process on the protection circuit board and improve the reliability of the circuit element a particularly excellent function; Working voltage: AC 200V~240V; Power: 220V 60W; Iron length: 24cm; Power cable length: 175cm; Tip temperature: 100~400'C constant temperature adjustable; Insulation resistance: 100M ohms; Electric strength: 7250V will not breakdown in 1 minute; Grounding mode: with special ground wire remove electrostatic; Note: Keep welding nozzle head has always been linked to the lead; Solder must not use strong acidic flux; You can not repair with a file or a hammer the rasps and beat soldering tip; Temperature oxidation black tip on tin first soldering tip ratio surface black oxide clean and clear with the tip cleaners infiltration soldering tip on the tin part and then re-tin tip temperature on the tin good set of about 250'C; Electric part of the non-demolition parts the electric iron energized use; New soldering iron used for the first time due to the heating element reheat but may be slightly fuming this is a normal phenomenon will disappear after ten minutes; Electric iron use process must be fitted with a the Iron Block has a natural cooling structure and should be placed in the Iron Block.
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