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hiwin hgr15 linear guide rail 500mm rod for slider hgw15 hgh15 high efficiency cnc parts купить по лучшей цене

Description: Outer Diameter 8mm x 300/380/400/500mm Cylinder Liner Rail Linear Shaft Optical Axis Specification: Material Bearing steel, GCr15 Hardness About HRC62 Precision g6 h6 Surface roughness Below 1.5uM Surface hard-thickness 0.8~3mm Outer diameter 8mm Length 300/380/400/500mm Straightness Below 5M/100mm Hard chrome thickness 3.0M(Rmax) Color Silver quantity 1pcs Feature: Thick enough and the surface is smooth. Durable for using and easy to install. The optical axis is widespread used in automatic driver. Usage: Linear axis in the automatic rotation device has widely used, such as industrial robots, automatic recording instruments, computers,precision printers,special gas tank,automatic wood machines and other industrial machines. And because of its hardness, can extend the life of an ordinary instrument. Note: Please note that the package included only one linear optional axis. Please select the size you need. Package included: 1 X Linear Optical Axis More Details:
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