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hot sale wireless remote control switches 1ch relay receiver 1000m big button transmitter power switch 315 433mhz learning code купить по лучшей цене

12V 4CH Channel 433Mhz Wireless Remote Control Switch With 2 Transmitter Note: If you need more transmitter, please search 1018573 This product does not supply any instructions, please reference the description. This version does not support copy code function, please note about this before you order it. Features: It is a learning code wireless remote control switch (receiver) the output way /working way can be changed as you like, it is easy to match the transmitter. It has 4 Relays which can make the equipment turn or reverse, on/off and so on come true. The volume is small and the performance is stable and reliable, high receive sensitivity. 1. It covers application ranging from simple domestic remote control to autonomous control, like auto door, window, lifting equipment, entrance access, up and down controller, alarm system industrial control and security etc. 2. These remote controls are designed to control a wide variety of electronic devices with a wireless signal. 3. Extremely easy to set up and use. 4. Compatible with 2262 / 2260 / 1527 / 2240 etc chip and several code wireless remote control. So it can meet someone's need of choosing the wireless remote control as they like to work with it . Instructions: 1. Press the learning code, the indicator flash, loosen your finger, press any button of the remote control, the indicator flash 2 times and off, it means you learn it successfully . 2. It can learn more than 12 PCS 2262 or 1527 chip with the different code wireless remote control. 3. remove/clean: press the learning button about 8 seconds the indicator turn on to off, it means the information that you keep have been removed successfully. Output working way: 1. Self-lock: connect the JP1 with the cutting out cap. 2. Jog: the cutting-out cap is non-occupation, JP1 and JP2 do not connect either. 3. Inter-lock: Connect the Jp2 with the Cutting out cap, Jog: press one button is ON, loosen your finger on the same button is OFF (need one channel switch and one buttons remote control). Self -lock: press one button for one time is ON, press the same button again is OFF (need one channel switch and one buttons remote control). Inter-lock: press one button is ON, press another button is OFF (need one channel switch and 2 buttons remote control). Receiver: 1. Working voltage: DC12V 2. Quiescent condition: Less than 6mA 3. Working temperature: -40c+80c 4. Receiver sensitivity: more than -105dBm 5. Working frequency: 433mhz 6. Output voltage: DC and AC is optional 7. Output current: Less than 3A 8. Max load current: 10A 9. Dimensions: 72 x 52 x 26mm Remote control transmitter: 1. Remote Distance: 200M 2. Operating Voltage: DC 12V 3. Frequency: 433mhz 4. Operating Current: 13 mAh 5. Code Type: Fixed code / Learning code 6. Dimensions: 58 x 39 x 14mm Package included: 2 x Transimitter 1 x Receiver
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