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innorel rt70c carbon fiber tripod monopod portable 15kg bear dslr video digital camera tripod stand professional for nikon canon купить по лучшей цене

Functional Tripod You can use it as a monopod with the changeable height between 135cm to 171 cm by connecting center axis and the leg without protection sponge. Professional Functional Pan Tilt The pan tilt has a big 36mm anodic oxidation wearable ball head with smooth friction but without oil painting. Moveable Pan Tilt and Universal Tripod You can disassemble the pan tilt. The screw connection can be switched between heads in 1/4" and 3/8". It is available for your other professional functional pan tilt. Considerate Designs on Tripod Attached three free protecting and anti skit spikes for you replacing the worn one. Double cold resistant protecting sponges are covered on two legs of tripod. Separated protecting bag for pan tilt is in case of hitting damage. Firm Portable Steady Product High intensity carbon fiber features durable and steady. It weights 1.65KG including pan tilt, bearing max. 15KG. Specification Product Brand QZSD Model Q1088C Product Weight 1.65kg(including pan tilt 0.377kg) Max. Loading Weight 15kg Standard Loading Weight 8kg Max. Height 167cm Min. Height 45cm Storage Length 45 Section Quantity 4 Leg Material Carbon fiber Max. Tube Diameter 28mm Min. Tube Diameter 19mm
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