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He is the most performed composer of his generation. His operas Nixon in China and The Death of Klinghoffer have been international hits, although not without a touch of controversy. This is an intimate portrait, filmed over twelve months, of a great composer at work in his High Sierra log cabin and in rehearsal with soloists Emanuel Ax and Michael Collins. The dramatic landscapes of America, which Adams brings to life so vividly in his music, provide the visual backdrop. Contributors include stage director Peter Sellars and librettist Alice Goodman. Music by Edo de Waart and the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic has been specially recorded for the film. 01. Grand Pianola Music02. Century Rolls03. 'The British Dancing Girl' from The Death of Klinghoffer04. I Was Looking At The Ceiling And Then I Saw The Sky05. Shaker Loops06. The Wound Dresser07. Harmonielehre08. Harmonium09. Slonimsky's Earbox10. Gnarly Buttons11. Violin Concerto12. Peter Sellars13. Nixon in China14. The Death of Klinghoffer15. Violin Concerto16. Century Rolls17. El Dorado18. Credits

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