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junsun 7 inch hd car gps navigation with fm bluetooth avin multi languages europe sat nav truck car gps navigator with free maps купить по лучшей цене

Android 4.1 Capacitive screen resistance to higher and lower temperature temperature range for capacitive screen -20~80'C resistance to damp resistance to EMC; SUNPLUS 8202TQ high temperature loader; APE music; 1080P HD video; External MIC support; Support HD 2D & 3D games; Front and rear camera can work together; Built-in Wi-Fi module / external 3G dongle; Built-in navigation with 3D map (map in iNAND); Built-in DVR function with an external camera (developing); Double satellites receiver for both GPS and Russian GLONASS; Support thousands of softwares downloading from Android market; Video-out allows headrests play the same video just as android car DVD; Support DVB-T ATSC Analog TV; Compatible with PAL / NTSC/ SECAM format; Car backing display: car reverse camera input (switch automatically); Support SD / MMC / SDHC SD ports SDHC supports max 32G HDD; Within 3 secs for rearview within 25 secs for operation when tons of applications installed; Bluetooth supports all brands cellphones phonebook input music playback supports name search by A-Z; Quick response after lighting the car: within 1 sec for starting within 2 secs for sound; Built-in GPS function; 2-Zone functionthe 2 program can be set differently; File management; DVD / USB / SD copy / exchange data; Sensitive push-button well-done appearence and easy operating; Android market provide numerous apps download; Real time clock function supports 12 hours and 24 hours time system; Video support: RMVB MKV MOV WMV AVI MPG TS with 1080P H.264 format etc. alomost all format was supported; Buit-in 4 x 45W Hi-Fi amplifier: international professional BBE sound effect processing to strengthen audio ambience and sound embellishment effects and make music more gentle; Languages: English Russian Portuguese Chinese Arabic Spanish Turkish Vietnamese etc. More menu languages can be customized
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