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junsun 7 inch hd car gps navigation with fm bluetooth avin multi languages europe sat nav truck car gps navigator with free maps купить по лучшей цене

This is an amazing device it can do many works: Android table PC GPS Navigator car DVR car radar detector Android Tablet PC. Android 4.4.2 ALLWINNER A23 CPU1.5 G Hz 512M DDR3 device works smoothly. Software Supported: google google map email facebook SKYPE MSN and all android software. 7 inches 800 x 480 TFT large screen good for playing games watching videos clear to see the road and no need to worry about losing your way. 5 points capacitive touch screen clear sensitive and can respond to slight touch. Built-in Wi-Fi supports 802.11 b/g/n you can surf the internet watch videos chat with IM download what you want and update the software on line. Multi-language menu: English/French/German/Russian/Arabic/Japanese/Spanish/Turkish/Italian/Chinese etc. One TF card slot (Max support 32G) for music GPS map record support SD software upgrade. FM emission function the navigation voice and music will be directly sent to the car speaker. With this function the sound become better and louder. Support most of videos formats and full HD 1080P videos most of audio formats and lossless audios e-book electronic photo album and games it can do as a android tablet PC it really brings you great entertainment fun. GPS Navigator Built-in SiRF GPS module with high sensitive antenna get GPS signal fast precise and stable. Support many kinds of GPS software IGOROUTE 66 TOMTOM Sygic and so on. 3D navigation no need to worry about the complex viaduct and the maze crossing. Smart voice journey reminding all the way no need to worry about driving past the road. The GPS function only can be used outside the door because the building will cut all GPS signal. Car DVR 5M CMOS sensor 1/2.5 inch light-sensing surface area 160° wide angle high-definition lens with 6 pieces glasses high temperature resistance 1280 x 720 30 frame/sec H.264 compressed format Built-in Microphone/Speaker Cycle recording turn on and record automatically when car starts automatic circulating recording it is able to set the record time for each file do not worry about the storage. G-sensor powerful document protection functions the video will be saved intactly even though there are power outages or machine damage occurred under recording. You can record and navigate at the same time. Car Radar Detector (yfgo) Detect any stable or mobile Radio Speed Monitor 200-800m ahead Detect any Traffic Monitor or stable Camera (around traffic lights) in advance Driving safely and avoiding any traffic ticket Accuracy: more than 90% Monitor or stable Camera X-10.525GHz +/-100MHz K-24.150GHz +/-175MHz K-24.125GHz +/-175MHz Ka-34.700GHz +/-1400MHz Ka-33.400GHz +/-1400MHz The car radar detector can run in the background. GPS navigator car DVR the car radar detector can work at the same time. Please connect the car charger after start the car when you use it.
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