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junsun 7 inch hd car gps navigation with fm bluetooth avin multi languages europe sat nav truck car gps navigator with free maps купить по лучшей цене

Ultra portable PND (portable navigation device) GPS - Built-in Bluetooth wireless works as a Bluetooth handsfree device supports AV-in - Built-in FM transmitter transmits all sounds (including Bluetooth handsfree music video and GPS instructions) to your vehicle's stereo system (DX verified working) - Features rich multimedia features - 4.3" large vibrant color TFT touch screen LCD - 480 x 272 pixels wide screen resolution and aspect - Powered by Microsoft Windows CE .NET 5.0 Core (English) operating system - CPU: Centrality Atlas-III 372MHz (super fast GPS response) - 64MB program memory - Features a 800mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery - SiRF-III GPS tracks up to 12 satellites at the same time - Comes with a 2GB SD flash memory card - Manufacturer bundles iGo USA maps - Other Win CE compatible mapping software can be installed on to SD cards and get launched with the GPS device (shell/launcher allows specifying the location and executable name of your custom GPS program) - SD slot supports card up to 8GB in size - Doubles as MP3 player MP4 player eBook reader picture alumn browser etc - Features many Windows CE games - Playback formats: WMV9 MPEG4 Divx5.0 Xvid MPEG2 Wmv asf AVI MP4 JPG BMP GIF PNG (JPG images up to 1280 * 960 resolution) - Launcher (shell) languages: English Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional German French Spanish Dutch Danish Norwegian Swedish Portuguese Italian Romanian Greek Russia Polish Turkey Israel Korean Japanese - Windows CE supports ActiveSync with desktop/laptop PCs - Included accessories: 2GB SD card with i-Go USA (manufacturer bundled) 100V~240V USB AC charger 3.5mm stereo earphones USB data sync and charging cable AV cable DC 12V~24V Car charger windshield mount and stylus - English user's guide included - To use the included FM transmitter you must plug in an USB cable (any of the included USB cable). It acts as the FM antenna.
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