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kdx 01 low frequency square wave signal source frequency signal generator of adjustable duty ratio instead of ne555 купить по лучшей цене

Description: FY3224S 24MHz Dual-channel Arbitrary Waveform DDS Function Signal Generator Sine Square Wave Sweep Counter Features: Output signal frequency high accuracy, good stability. Signal amplitude up to 20Vpp. Instrument can realize the adjustment program of function parameters easy to use. Accompanying frequency meter, counter function, high cost. The instrument can output sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, staircase, DC voltage waveform. Pulse wave pulse width precision can be adjustable. Function: 1. Using DDS direct digital synthesis technology to generate precise, stable, low distortion output signal. 2. CH1 and CH2 completely symmetrical two channels, each channel can be independently set the parameters. 3. Supports user-defined waveforms, each arbitrary waveform memory depth 2048 x 12bits, 250MSa / s sampling rate. 4. Has burst burst output, selectable manual trigger, internal and external trigger CH2 trigger three trigger modes that allow the unit to any output 1 - 1048575 bursts. 5. Measurement functions: instrument comes with 100MHz frequency counter functions and pulse counter functions. 6. Waveform generator up to 12 bits wide, the output waveform is more delicate, waveform distortion is reduced magnitude. 7. With full CNC functions, display and digital adjustment phase current amplitude of the output signal, offset, frequency, duty cycle, and the two signals. 8. After connecting the instrument to the computer, you can use the computer through the PC control signal generator functions and parameters, and can be edited on a computer to download arbitrary waveform output waveform to the instrument. 9. Communication: serial communication, protocol completely open, user-friendly secondary development. 10. High frequency accuracy: frequency accuracy up to 10-6 magnitude. 11. High frequency resolution: the full range of frequency resolution 10mHz. 12. Tracking function: built-in frequency, amplitude, offset, duty cycle, waveform and other parameters follow function, easy to use. 13. Scanning features: a frequency linear sweep and logarithmic sweep function, scan start and end points can be set. 14. Storage feature: You can store 20 groups instrument state parameters set by the user, can be called up to Reproduce 15. Operation: key operation, LCD1602 LCD display in English, direct digital setting parameters or continuous adjustment knob. 16. Input voltage protection: extended power input range AC85V to AC240V wide voltage. 17. Output short circuit protection: All signal outputs can operate at over load short circuit 60S. Technical Parameters: Built-in switching power supply: AC85V-AC260V Interface: USB Signal output: Output amplitude: 20Vp-p (no load) Output Impedance: 50 10% DC polarization: 10V Frequency range: 0Hz - 24MHz (orther 0Hz - 6MHz) Counter: Count range: 0-4294967295 Measurement frequency range: 1Hz - 100MHz Input amplitude: 1Vp-p - 20Vp-p Scan function: Scanning mode: Linear sweep, logarithm scanning Frequency Range: Start and end points set arbitrary Frequency scanning range: M1 - M2 predetermined frequency Scan rate: 1s ~ 999s / step Other: Storage and transferred functions: M0 - M9 (M0: default) Size: 200mm (L) 190mm(W) 90mm(H) Beeper function: to set open or closed by the program Operating characteristics: All key operation, continuous adjustment knob Environmental conditions: Temperature 0 - 40 humidity >>CLICK HERE to download all the files in the CD
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