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DFRduino MEGA2560 is a ATmega2560 as the core microcontroller development board is fully compatible with the Arduino MEGA2560 has 54 groups of digital I/O input/output end (15 of which group do PWM output) 16 group of PWM input 4 UART (hardware serial ports) using 16 MHz imported crystal. As with bootloader it can directly through USB to download the program without other external programmer. The power supply part can be selected by USB can supply power directly or used as external power adapter and battery. Mega 2560 has 2 times in 1280 memory 256K memory. Because of the open source code and using the concept of Java (cross platform) of the C language development environment make Arduino peripheral module and application of rapid growth. The main reason and attract Artist using Arduino can be quickly using Arduino language and Flash or Processing etc. Software communication make the multimedia interactive works. The IDE interface of Arduino development based on the principle of open source code can let you use the free download in the monograph the school teaching motor control interactive works etc.. Power supply system of Arduino MEGA2560 have two kinds of choices USB direct power supply or external power supply. Automatic switching will power supply. The external power supply can select the adapter or battery the limit voltage range is from 6V to 20V control panel but if the supply voltage is less than 7V I/O port may not be provided to the 5V voltage so there will be unstable; if the supply voltage is greater than 12V voltage stabilizing device will likely overheat protection more possible damage to Arduino MEGA. The power supply operation for 7~12V the typical power supply for 9V. Power supply port: VIN: when using an external power supply input voltage of Arduino (relative to the supply of 5V USB). When the power adapter power supply can pass through the port power supply. 5V: the port to provide a stable power supply through a transformer 5V. If the bypass transformer to provide 5V/3.3V power supply may damage your Arduino. IOREF: provides a reference voltage of Arduino onboard power supply. Appropriate compatible expansion board can read IOREF and choose the right power and the use of transformer. 3. 3V: provides maximum power 3.3V 50mA. GND: Connect ground
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