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light lux meter digital with data record function 0 200 000 measurement range auto ranging lux instrument купить по лучшей цене

The ear thermometer is a device capable of achieving infrared temperature measurement when places in the auditory canal of a subject. It is a safe means of measuring human body temperature through the ear. Features Infrared technology specially designed to measure the body temperature from ear/forehead. Only need 1 second to measure and show you the data. Can record 9 time of measurement data and record the measuring mode. With three colors backlight LCD display for easy reading data. With fever alarm function. Auto power off function, energy saving. Power by 2 x AAA battery(not included). Specifications Brand Joylife Model YI-200 Material ABS Measurement Range 32.0~42.0°C/90.0~107.6°F Accuracy ±0.2°C/±0.4°F Working Environment10~40°C/50~104°F, humidity: 95% LCD Display Size 20 x 35mm Product Weight 90g Product Size 130 x 30 x 40mm Package Contents 1 x Ear Thermometer
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