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magnetic charging dock micro usb cable set for sony z3 black купить по лучшей цене

Premium Magnet Charging USB Cable with distinguished new design, and well worth the money for the ease of not opening, and ultimately, damaging the flaps every time. Magnet is very strong and it can firmly attaches to the phone and the charging speed is absolutely fast. The cable will attach solidly to your devices and works well to hold the charger in place. It will stay in place and charge you phone efficiently. Strong Magnetic Magnet is very strong and it can be firmly attached to your device. Fast Charging Good raw material ensures optimal charging speed for your device. LED Indicator Indicates the working status clearly. 3.3ft/1meter Length Standard length design meets your daily use. CompatibilitySupport Sony Xperia smartphone and tablet, including Z1(L39T/L39U/L39H), Z1 mini, Z2 (L50T/L50U/L50W), Z2 tablet, Z3 (L55T/L55W /L55H/L55U), Z3 mini, Z3 Compact, Z3 tablet. Specifications Name Magnetic Charging Cable Brand WSKEN Cable Length 3.3ft/1m Compatibility Sony Xperia Z1(L39T/L39U/L39H), Z1 mini Z2 (L50T/L50U/L50W), Z2 tabletZ3 (L55T/L55W /L55H/L55U)Z3 mini, Z3 Compact, Z3 tablet
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