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mailada wt8 uhf 638 648mhz 1 transmitter 10 receivers wireless headset microphone audio tour guide system simultaneous teaching купить по лучшей цене

This is wireless audio adapter (Transmitter + Receiver) set adopts UHF band to transfer high quality music. The Sender transmits audio from your computer/TV through 3.5mm audio port or RCA audio port. The Receiver connects audio to any product with 3.5mm audio port. It enables you wirelessly transmit music from your PC, Mp3 player, Cell phone, iPod, TV, surround-sound receiver, game console, network music player or Notebook to your HI-FI, speaker, headset, and any analogue audio source in other room for listening. A perfect tool suitable for home theater Hi-Fi audio system. Features UHF band, wireless transmission of high quality music. As far as 90 meters of wireless freedom transmission. Ultra-low latency real-time digital encoding technology ensures faster end-to-end audio transmission for an improved synchronization between picture and sound. HD stereo sound with no reduction in audio quality. Portable and lightweight, very easy to carry and store. Specifications Transmitting Power15dBm Receiving Sensitivity-96dBm Operating Voltage 5V(USB interface) Operating Current90mA Operating Current 120mA Operating Frequency Band675MHz-720MHz(UHF band) Audio Sampling Rate48KHz Transmission Delay≤3ms Audio Frequency Response30Hz-20KHz Audio SNR≥90dB Package Contents 1 x Transmitter(Black), 1 x Receiver(White), 2 x Audio Line(3.5mm), 1 x User Manual
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