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migrant gender ideologies and relations купить по лучшей цене

This is a case study based on the qualitative data generated from in-depth interviews, focus group discussion and observations. The basic information for the study was generated from the household survey. Gender relations were explored from a school. The study also tried to examine the role of caste on education and development. Nepal is a country of patriarchal system and every development aspect including education is influenced by it. As a result, girls and women are disadvantaged in every development sector. My study explored the gender inequalities existing in school and society. Although girls were enrolled in school efforts were not made for creating learning environment at home. However, boys were also the victim of gender discrimination, but in school. Being weak in study teachers did not pay attention in their study as compared to girls. It means that although the forms and intensity of discrimination is changing overtime gender discrimination still exists both in school and society. Caste is another factor that is affecting the education and development. My study showed that caste was not a problem in school whereas it was an issue for development in society.

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