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mini gsm gps tracker for kids elderly personal sos button track with two way communication free platform app alarm купить по лучшей цене

Based on GSM / GPRS and GPS system; Can locate and monitor distant object; Waterproof grade: IPX6; Built-in Li-ion battery long standby time; Charging time is 3~5h; Widely used in outdoor sports monitor kids old people disabled pet and valuables personal safety tracking and locating etc.; With functions of locating monitoring electronic fence moving alarm beyond speed alarm vibration alarm SOS emergency help while in speaking low battery alarm sleep mode; Instruction: confirm make sure there is SIM card with function of talking SMS and GPRS and enough money make sure there is incoming call display and incoming call transfer is closed; Charge for more than 12 hours for the first time use; Clean it with dry cloth; Do not disassemble the device; Use original battery and charger. Functions: 1. GPS and Location Based Service Location Based service also named A-GPS when tracker in underground or tunnel can get location by AGPS. 2. Real time tracking: Real time tracking it by cell phone and platform. Also can support get location every 5 seconds and the GPS accuracy is 5m . 3. Check the history of route on platform Can check and replay within one year history of route of device by web monitor center 4. SOS Alarm SOS button when user have emergency press the SOS button the tracker will send help me SMS to all authorized phone numbers and monitoring web platforms. 5. Power Saving Mode: The device go into standby mode when there isn't vibration for 3 minutes and go into working mode when it feel vibration
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