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modern 6w 24cm long linear aluminum lampshade led bathroom mirror light home decorative lamp illumination furniture wall mounted купить по лучшей цене

Specification: Brand: Ultrafire Cable Length: 10m (33 feet) Cable Color: Silver LED Number: 100 LED Waterproof level: IP67 Bulb Distance: 10 cm (3.93 inch) Power supply: DC 12V;Wattage: 6W Long lifespan: Over 50000 hours Features: - The strings are waterproof however the plug is not. The plug can be covered if used in rainy days. - The starry LED lights are very low heat generating besides saving light power. - The LED Starry string is made with a fine bendable copper wire that can conform to any shape you want and with a beautiful decorative use. - Great for: building engineering advertisement decoration festival decoration garden decoration interior decoration furniture cabinet pool and fishbowl (needs casing).It can also be used for clothes shoes or other industrial products processing
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