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modern 6w 24cm long linear aluminum lampshade led bathroom mirror light home decorative lamp illumination furniture wall mounted купить по лучшей цене

LED light is the most energy-saving illumination product at present; apply for your home decoration mall hotel office room museum showcase and other common illumination places. 1. Adopt wafer LED 2835 single luminous flux 7~8lm. 2. Light guide 80% above the luminous efficiency is 60LM/W above. 3. Green and environmental: no infrared ray no UV no heat effect no harmful and toxic substances. 4. Bright and event bright light full face output wider lighting angle no lighting dark area. 5. Ultra thin and light: professional structure and appearance design ultra thin size embedded installation without any accessories. 6. Pure aluminum frame quantitative silver processing good heat dissipation more upscale appearance. 7. Stable and durable: 50000 hours super long use life the use life is 50 times long as much as the incandescent lamp 10 time as much as the energy-saving light it greatly saves the repair cost and the replacement cost. 8. Autonomous LED light guide plate special optical design the light will form uniform surface lighting effect after it passes the light guide plate.
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