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multifunctional car charger elivebuy®intelligent 3 1a 2 1a 1a dual usb port car charger for apple and android devices w magnetic base two modes led light for emergency hazard warning or lighting купить по лучшей цене

The Car Charger features dual USB ports, which can charger two devices at the same time and meanwhile it will automatically distribute the current intelligently. With the blue-ray LED display, it supports current display and real-time monitoring of auto voltage. Once the auto voltage is less than its rated range, the Car Charger will alarm to remind you, which is a greta assisstant for driving. It is compatible witgh most smartphone, tablet, GPS, mp3, PAD and more. Dual USB PortsYou can charge two devices at the same time. Fast ChargingMax 2.1A current output, charge your smartphone and tablet quickly. Current Monitor With the blue-ray display to show the charging current, it will show the single port current if only one port is charging for device; and show the total curretn if two ports are charging devices. Volatge Monitoring and Warining When the car voltage is below 11.7V (12.5V Battery) or between 17.5-23.5V (24V Battery) the alarm will automatically ring. Intelligent Curret DistributionBuilt-in smart IC chip, it will automatically allocate the optimal current to achieve fast and safe charging. Wide CompatibilityThe Car Charger fits for most smartphones, tablet, MP3, GPS, PAD and more, meanwhile it si compatible with all kinds of cars with voltage below 24V. LED Indicators The LED indicator light clearly shows charging status. ABS + PC Fire-Proof MaterialThe shell cover is made of fire-proof ABS & PC, durable, safe and reliable. Specifications Name Dual USB Car Charger Brand ZUOQI Model N419 Input Voltage DC12-24V Output DV 5V 2.1A (Max) / 1A Voltage Display 6V-30V Current Display 1-2.1A Package Content 1 x Dual USB Car Charger
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