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n3600 360 degree anti dust single chemical gas respirator mask grey купить по лучшей цене

Description : 3M 6200 N95 Double Gas Mask Protection Filter Chemical Gas Respirator Mask Specification : Brand Name : 3M Model : 6200 Standard : USA N95 Style : Head-mounted Primary Material : Rubber Mouth edge dimension : 12cm x 11cm (3M's Medium size) This double gas mask is designed to protect you from breathing in dust and fine powders. Its dual cartridge system can be replaced with different cartridges for acidic gases or other chemical vapors. Suitable for dust prevention in mining, cement factory, ceramics factory, shipyard, metal smelting, power plant, stone processing, polishing, interior decoration, powder processing operations produce. Main feature : Dual gas cartridges for spray painting and organic vapours of low toxicity. Good air permeability. It filtering gas purify air effectively. The soft nose and mouth cover will fit all users comfortably. The special outline design provide a nice view for user. Buckle connect, easy to install and replace parts. (We have full details below, let's roll the mouse .~) Package includes : 1 x 3M 6200 Double Gas Mask Full accessories as pictures shows, different gadget in independent bag. Come in full package. More kind of 3M body protection items are coming ...~ Details pictures : Soft rubber cover, bring you comfortable feeling than normal mask. High elastic tie and refrigerant flow valve. Patented design, respiratory smooth~ More details of body~ Man real wearing :) How to install .~ Let you finish your work without fear or abuse~ MUST HAVE for many aspect of our life's work~ wide application~ :)

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