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Book DescriptionHOW MUCH POLLUTION AND RESOURCE DEGRADATION IS TOO MUCH? IS GOVERNMENT UP TO THE JOB? HOW CAN WE DO BETTER? HOW CAN WE RESOLVE GLOBAL ISSUES? There are often no easy answers to environmental challenges. But asking the right questions leads to a clear and effective economic framework for understanding pressing environmental problems-;from finding sites for landfills, to regulating chemical emissions from manufacturing plants, to preserving species diversity. Organized around these four key questions, Eban Goodstein's Fourth Edition offers in-depth analysis of important environmental policy debates, and equips readers with the tools necessary to understand these issues-;as economists do. Up-to-date coverage and timely examples TheFourth Edition is updated throughout and features expanded Resource Economic coverage, including a detailed fisheries model and discussions of Individual Tradeable Quotas (ITQs) and Aquaculture, as well as a new section on non-renewable resource depletion in a Hotelling model. This edition also contains a more detailed look at environmental accounting and the Precautionary Principle. Balanced approach Rather than taking sides on controversial issues, Goodstein presents a balanced view stressing the complexity faced by environmental and resource economists. As one example, the text features back-to-back chapters on neoclassical versus ecological approaches to sustainability. Clear and integrated presentation The text integrates topics and theoryunder the four big economic questions listed above. This format provides a clear conceptual handle for understanding how economists approach environmental issues.

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