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Mobius New Version Wide Angle Lens C2 1080P HD Mini Action Camera The new lens is a little more compact and has color properties very close to the prior Lens C. It has a very slightly wider HFOV and better corner sharpness than Lens C, but cannot quite match the excellent lens flare control Lens C had. But all things considered it is a better, higher quality lens that will be sold for the same price of the prior Lens C. Lens C2 will have the same latest design circuit board back plate holding the CMOS imager with the added ribbon cable clamping socket, so it cannot be retrofitted into older cases that were not designed for this new lens module style. Be sure you have the proper case design if you are retrofitting this lens on an older Mobius. Lens C2(left) VS Lens C(right) 1. Lens C2 is shorter and more compact than Lens C and has a very slightly smaller O.D. front lens ring, so a new lens cap will be provided for it. 2. The front glass optic of Lens C2 also has a slightly larger O.D. than Lens C, with a very distinguishable clarity that will make it very easy to identify. Description: User Manual 1080P HD Video & Audio Recording HFOV : 131 deg. FOV : 1080p_5-30fps wide; 720p_5-30fps wide; WVGA_5-30fps wide Resolution : 2304x1536,1920x1080, 1280x720 TV Display Ratio : 4:3 or 16:9 Movie Flip : 180 deg. rotation Movie Sound : off plus three volume levels Max SD Card: 32 GB SD Card (not included) Can be used as a Dash Camera (Start / Stop Recording) Using Time: more than 80min Dimension: 5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm Weight : 37g Features: Loop recording (5 min. clips with one sec. video overlap, so no lost video). Pressing the mode button while in Loop Record mode will make the current clip being recorded write protected so it will not get over written during looping. The file can be manually deleted, though. ) Time lapse photos with delays between images. The targeted delay times range from 0.25 to 60 sec. Recording LED toggle Movie/photo time stamp toggle Power on button delay (to prevent premature activation while handling) Auto-record when power to the camera is applied (useful for car recorder use - no button presses needed.) Charging on/off toggle when plugged into a USB data port (useful for some external USB devices) TV out (PAL or NTSC) which will include a playback mode. GUI program support for setting the parameters will be available. Package Included: 1 x Mobius Wide-Angle Action Camera 1 x USB Cable 1 x Mini Screwdriver 1 x Mounting Sleeve
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