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new wireless smart multi function ems abdominal training device hous abdominal muscles loss slimming massager abs fit abdomen купить по лучшей цене

Never fed up with your fat around shoulders, thighs, calves, waist, abdominal, etc. with this Slim Belt. It works on the basis of EMS, which is a great way to exercise your muscles. Adopting wide-range vibration to enhance body building effect. It is also provide with powerful high-frequency massage. Features Auto/Manual mode with 5 levels Easy to adjust the modes and levels to fit your needs. Heat diffusing Helps to stimulate blood circulation. Wide-range vibration Each session combines oscillating massage with mild heat. Environmental & Ergonomics Low power consumption, no damage for your skin and health. High performance Exercise your muscles hundreds of times in 10 minutes. Remote controller The attached remote controller for convenience use. EMS system Works on the basis of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), the muscle stimulator generates gentle electrical pulses which pass through your skin to the muscles. Velcro fastening Easy to adjust the belt to fit different size of stomach circumference. Wide application Fat lose/ massage / rehabilitation / chiropractic treatment / slimming, digestion and relaxation / sculpts, firms and tones muscles. Specifications Power Input AC 220v-240V 50Hz Power Output DC24V Power Consumption 55W Weight 1.16kg Package Size 46 x 10 x 16.5cm Package Include 1 x Slim belt, 1 x Control, 1 x AC adaptor, 1 x Tape measure, 1 x Bag, 1 x User Manual

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