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new xc e8x8yr input 8dc 8 do relay plc expansion modules купить по лучшей цене

Brand Meeeno Model MN-MD-R0812 Quantity 1 Color Orange + blue Material FR4 Features Can control various household appliances and large current load; Great DIY project for electronic lovers; With anti-reverse protection safe and durable Specification Relay voltage: 12V; Drive current: 20mA; Relay drive electrical level: 12V TTL level; High level drive trigger current is about 5mA; Contract capacitance (controlled by signal power): DC 28V 10A or AC 240V 10A; Contract: one is normally open contact and the other is normally-closed contact; Indicator light: one power indicator 8 signal indicators; (Contract signal indicator is on); PCB location hole: 3mm standard location hole can install 3mm standard copper cylinder or screw Application Arduino teaching DIY project development SCM learning and experiment English Manual/Spec Yes (E-format) Packing List 1 x Expansion board
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