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newest full dry diving mask snorkeling mask silicone scuba mask mascara buceo full face alien style whole dry mask for adult купить по лучшей цене

Video Features An Exclusive full face snorkeling mask (surface snorkeling) enables you to naturally breathe through your nose. The Mask is equipped with camera mount offering divers a great way to shoot incredible Underwater Adventures from Diver's Perspective while keeping hands free. With the design of independent dual-channel structure, no fogging will be occurred when breathing. Broadside dual sealing design is from imitating human face. It is made of medical silicone without skin irritation, eco-friendly, non-toxic odor. Compatible with ALL GoPro camera models, and SJ, SONY, Polaroid. Suitable for Snorkeling, Swimming Training or Exercise. Note: It is not suitable for aqualung diving. Specifications Name Diving Mask Brand NEOpine Model NDM-1 Material Polycarbonate, Medical Liquid Silicone Diving Depth 10M Inner Diameter 19 x 13 cm Product Weight 550g Package Size 28 x 25 x 13 cm Package Weight 750g

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