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nux metal core distortion guitar pedal true bypass guitar effects pedal built in noise gate 2 band eq tone lock function купить по лучшей цене

Video The NUX Flanger Core Guitar Effects Pedal is more than just a basic Flanger pedal, it offers two types of flange effect including normal and tape. These two different effects can be tweaked with the additional control knobs to achieve a unique sound that will add an effect to your tone. Also includes a tone lock function to temporarily freeze your settings during live performances. With its compact size, the Flanger Core can easily fit onto any pedalboard. Features With two Flanger effects: Normal and Tape Flanger. 4 control knobs: Rate, Depth, Width, Feedback, the Flanger Core allows you to adjust the tones to find the ultimate effect. With T-Lock function, when you set your tone up to ready-to-play, use the toggle switch and activate T-Lock to protect your parameters. True bypass design, minimize loss of tone and get more control of pedal. Aluminium alloy shell, sturdy and durable. Optional battery or AC adapter power supply. Specifications Brand NUX Model Flanger Core Presets 1 storable user preset Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz A/D Converter 24-bit Signal Processing 32-bit Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB THD+N 93dBu (<0.003%) A-Weighting Dynamic Range 100dB Input -20dBV@1MΩ Output -10dBV(Output load impedance of 10 KΩ or more) Power 9V DC (9V battery or optional AC Adaptor) Dimensions 122(L) x 72(W) x 47(H) mm Weight 270g Package Contents 1 x Flanger Core, 1 x User Manual
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