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This HD50 headphone features metal body with detailed touch feeling. Red / Silver / Black for optional. High quality which is durable and textured. Folded design which is convenient and considerate. Unique Free-edge chip design, offering better sound resolution and thoroughly restore genuine sound. Less than 0.5% lowest distortion, restoring your familiar sound. No differ with 2K price headphones on the market. As well as unique dual-chamber design, displaying detailed sound. High-end powder metallurgy process for durable and abrasion-resistant performance. Folded technology, convenient and unforgettable. Free-edge chip offering better sound resolution and restore genuine sound thoroughly. Less than 0.5% distortion ratio, restoring your familiar sound. Dual-chamber design, effectively increase chamber volume, displaying solid bass to make rock music more striking. 99.99% High purity oxygen free copper core, ensuring pure and genuine sound. Additional waterproof earphone pack for you, storing easily and portable. Specifications Brand Meizu Model HD50 Type Wired Frequency Range 20-20000Hz Sensitivity 103 +/- 3dB(1mW at 1kHz) Mic YES, sensitivity: -42 +/- 3dB Earphone Plug 3.5mm Cable Length 1.2m Product Weight 228g Product Size 185H x 175W mm Package Size 25L x 25W x 5H cm Package 1 x HD50 Headphone
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