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This iKECIX iTalk-01 is a 360-degree pickup microphone featuring a unique diamond shaped appearance. It perfectly restore the voice just like talking face to face. It features an ultra-long pickup distance up to 3m, which is 10 times longer than ordinary microphones, which means that the sound can be perfectly transferred within 3m. It is ideal for gaming, audio/video conference, chatting software, home remote communication, etc. Unique Appearance Fully diamond shaped design, better for 360-degree pickup. High-Quality Interface Detailed workmanship, preface and high-end, strong signal. High-Quality Sound Signal Transfer Capture many small signals and perfect restore the sound, talking just like face to face . Ultra-Long Pickup Distance Up to 3m pickup distance, 10 times longer than ordinary microphone, effectively transfer the sound within 3m. Wide Usage For video conference, gaming, chatting software, home remote communication, etc. Specifications ModeliTalk-01 Pickup Distance3m Sensitivity-37 +/- 3 dB Frequency Range100-10000Hz Max Sound Pressure Ratio60dB SNR70dB 1kHz at 1Pa Interface Type3.5mm Cable LengthAbout 2m Omnidirectional Yes Suitable forMeeting conference, chatting software, gaming, etc. Package Weight100g Package Size25 x 20 x 10 cm Package Contents1 x Omni Microphone1 x Manual
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