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A number of people face difficulties in speech and hearing.Hearing Loss is unmeasurable.People with hearing loss are not completely deaf. Ordinarily they show varying degrees of hearing loss at varying frequencies in both ears.Although this fact is obvious,its implications are often overlooked for a variety of reasons that include a lack of interest in maximizing hearing by some people who are deaf,and often,a lack of understanding about modern technology that improves auditory skills.People who are hard of hearing require a volume increase of 15-25 dB in order to achieve the same level of understanding as people with normal hearing.This can be in settings like schools,museums,etc.I’ve identified Museums as one such epicenter where people with hearing disability are forced to deal with external noise factors which further worsen their condition.The deaf and dumb find it difficult to communicate and collect information around them. These kind of people only understand standard sign languages(ASL).There was an urgent need to address this problem and hence one of the most efficient ways to achieve this has motivated me to design and develop the "Server-Based Curator for Museums".
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