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The present research work is an integrated and comprehensive effort to assess cadmium chloride induced colonic toxicity along with subsequent protective and preventive effects rendered by curcumin in Swiss albino mice. The animals were administered different doses of cadmium chloride via oral gavage route along with curcumin (10mg/kg/animal). The various parameters assessed were alterations in food consumption, weight of mice and histopathological alterations in colon. It was observed that various doses of cadmium chloride induced significant alterations in colon histoarchitectural profile as compared to the control group and curcumin administered groups . The major histopathological aberrations observed in colon atrophication, damaged and emptied goblet cells etc. All these variations to some extent were seen to be ameliorated by curcumin administration. Maximum damage was observed in experimental groups treated with cadmium chloride (10mg/kg/animal for five alternate days) and least damage was incurred in other experimental groups treated cadmium chloride (50mg/kg/animal and 25mg/kg/animal for two alternate days) in colon of Swiss albino mice. Hence, it can be inferred that incur
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