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pg 9057 the phantom shox blaster bluetooth gun controller gamepad wireless shooting game console joysticker gaming joypad gamecu купить по лучшей цене

Video This Phantom PG-9057 gun style game controller supports iOS devices to make your tablet become more fun. Enclosed with a tablet holder, which is suitable for various size tablet. Vibrative motor let you experience the genuine gaming image and feel as if you were in the fantasy virtual world. It supports TV box, you will enjoy more fun playing on the big screen. The vice handle can slide back and forth to let you experience the genuine reloading action. Featuring a stylish and cool appearance, it is also a decoration when you do not play games. It is root-free, supports both Android and iOS system gaming devices. Correspondingly MovementBy holding the gun and turning in either direction, the player on-screen moves correspondingly. Equipped with A Vice Handle You can slide back and forth to experience the genuine shooting experience. Comes with An Attachable Bracket Capable of holding your mobile phones/tablets at the end of the gun. Built-in Motor Vibrate Function You can enjoy genuine dynamic gaming experience and it supports TV box, to play on a big screen is more fun. Root-Free Root-free, supporting both Android and iOS platform as well as TV box. Specifications Name Phantom Model PG-9057 Battery Built-in lithium 600mAh Working VoltageDC3.7V Working Current25mA-30mA Using Time25h (not vibrate), 12h (vibrate) Input VoltageDC5V Input Current≤500mA Wireless/Bluetooth Transmission Distance≤8m Stretchable Size45-95mm Package Weight600g Package Size25 x 20 x 12 cm Package Contents1 x PG-9057 Gun Controller1 x Manual1 x Tablet Stand1 x Charging Cable1 x Packaging Box
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