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povos black hair dryer with professional blow dryer hot and cold wind two type voltage for different country standard ph9032i купить по лучшей цене

The Hanging Clothes Dryer can not only fast dry your clothes, but also can sterilize for your clothes. Adopts PTC heating technology, which boasts in high efficiency, low power consumption, good safety. Hot and cold wind automatic switch makes the drying quickly and clothes smooth. Foldable & DetachableThe foldable and detachable design makes carry easy, and a pouch can be used to store the clothes dryer, which is very suitable for travel or family use. 3 Hours Quick Drying3 hours fastly drying, high efficiency and low consumption, solve the problem of drying. Dual Mode Switch3 hours dry the clothes 3 hours in hot wind and then switch automatically to the cold wind making clothes smooth and soft. PTC Heating TechnologyAdopts the PTC heating technology with moderate heat dissipation, low power, high efficiency, good thermal effect. With Two Clothespins Convenient to use especially for baby clothes and underwear. With Shoe Drying TubeIt can be used to dry your shoes, very convenient. Suitable for Suitable for almost all kinds of clothes drying, like clothes with/without sleeves, underwear etc. Specifications NameHanging Clothes Dryer Brand SmartFrog Model KW-GYQ01 Material ABS Load Bearing 5kg (Max.) Rated Voltage 220V Rated Power150W Dry Speed 3h Product Size 42 x 8 x 20 cm Package Size 22 x 22 x 10 cm Package Contents 1 x Smart Frog KW-GYQ01 Hanging Clothes Dryer, 1 x Pouch, 2 x Clothespin, 1 x Shoe Drying Tube, 1 x Manual
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