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q2465 60001 q3649 60002 formatter pca assy formatter board logic main board mainboard mother board for hp 1012 1010 купить по лучшей цене

Brand No Model UNO R3+ Quantity 1 Color Black + blue Material Nickel-gold plated board Features Arduino UNO R3 is a open source controller that easy to operate; The biggest different from Arduino UNO is USB to serial port part which use ATMega16U2 microcontroler Specification Pin change: add two I2C pin (SDA SCL just a copy of analog 4 and 5); Ass two pins next to Reset one is IOREF which let expansion board suitable for on-board voltage the other is for spare; Reset also moved to next to USB port; A8U2 is replaced by Tmega16U2 which id for USB port chip let UNO analog USB HID such as MIDI / Joystick / Keyboard Application Learning set English Manual/Spec http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software Other A product for Arduino that works w/ official Arduino boards Packing List 1 x uno R3 board 1 x Expansion board 1 x Bread board 65 x Jumper cables (long: 25cm short: 10cm) 1 x USB cable (62cm)
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