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quality flip up motorbike helmet dual visor system moto helmet for adults 10 color available safety helmet купить по лучшей цене

ECE Motorcycle Half Open Face Leather Helmet With Sun Visor Goggles Description: The item is Motorcycle Half Open Face Leather Helmet With Sun Visor and Goggles. Safety standards: Meets & exceeds standards. A high-quality and very comfortable helmet. 3 buttons on front of helmet can be attached with helmet Visor or variety of visors/face shields. Removable leather scarf can be more warmer in the cold day, and can be removed in warm day, more user-friendly design for you to wear at the four seasons. Perfect For Cruiser, Touring, Motorcycle and Scooter Riders. Outer layer: High-quality Germany 709ABS shell. Buffer layer: Japanese high-density foam. UV protected coat protective finish to keep your helmet looking nice for years. Lining using DuPont COOLMAX and Ciba moisture management technologies. Well vented all purpose product for summer or winter riding. The button at rear of the helmet can fasten the strap of the goggles. Helmet Color: Black/Red+Black/Blue+Black/Yellow+Black/Pink+Black UV goggles Color: colors will be Random delivery Free size,fit for head circumference is 57-62cm. Package Included: 1 x leather helmet 1 x helmet visor 1 x UV goggles (colors will be Random delivery) 1 x helmet leather scarf
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