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qzsd q999c carbon fiber professional camera tripod monopod stand купить по лучшей цене

Tripod Carbon Fiber and Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction The main casting is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and the legs are made of BENRO's original QIHM-8X carbon fiber material. The high quality material makes the tripod stable and lightweight. Unique Reverse Folding Legs Making these tripods small enough to take anywhere. Center Column and Leg Angles The legs of the Benro C2682TB1 can be independently locked into place at 80-degree, 55-degree and 24-degree three different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters, on irregular surface areas or at low level. The Grooved-Design Column Eliminates unwanted column rotation. Column Locking Set Knobs Ensures smooth and quick operation when adjusting the height of the center column is necessary. Inverted Centre Column Ideal for low angle shooting. Adjustment Leg Adaptor the attached allen key is used to flexibly and quickly adjust the tension of leg tube. Detachable Leg Assembly Simply unscrew the leg assembly from the tripod to remove. Four Section Leg The legs adopt new locking system. With only a quarter rotation of the rubberized locking grip can we release and lock the leg, plus the anti-rotation system, the tripod is not only set-up fast but also locking force increased about 10%, improving the stability. The Legs are Dust Resistance The newly designed locking system offers a dust resistance shield to prevent inner lock exposure. Rubber Feet and Stainless Steel Spike The expanded rubber pad increases area with ground surface and the texture finish on it largely increase friction. Moreover, the included stainless spikes can be used when shooting on soft ground surface, increasing tripod's stability. Expanded Function the leg with blue ring and foam grip can be removed and convert the tripod into a monopod and a walking stick. B1 Ball Head Dual Action Ballhead Benro B1 professional ball heads offer separate drag adjustment and lock knobs, for a dual action design, magnesium alloy components ensure even greater performance and lighter weight. Quick-Release Clamp The included quick release plate is Arca-Swiss style, and industry standard. The newly designed safety lock ensures great security for your gears. International Standard Screw Nut 3/8" international standard screw connector ensures a wide range of compatible with other brands. Lengthen Guard Rail and Safety Stop Nail Lengthen guard rail is convenient to adjust the gravity centre of camera. The nail can prevent the gears to fall off by accident. Rubber Pad and Bubble Level the added rubber pad ensure a closely connect with the camera for a very stable configuration, built-in bubble level for simplifies camera alignment. 360 Degree Panning Accurate panoramas can be easily orchestrated using the graduated panning scale for precise image alignment. Compatible with: Max. Load Capacity 12kg Material Carbon Fiber Lock System Twist Lock Number of Sections 4 Sections Folded Length 460mm Max. Height (center column extended) 1645mm Max. Height (center column NOT extended) 1380mm Min. Height 460mm Max. Monopod Height 1710mm Self Weight 1.77kg Max. Leg Pipe Diameter 28.6mm Min. Leg Pipe Diameter 18.4mm Mounting Screw Diameter (tripod to ball head) 3/8" Mounting Screw Diameter (QR plate to camera) 1/4" QR Plate Compatibility Arca-Swiss Standard Recommend Shooting Telephoto Shoot/Night Shoot/Micro Shoot/Travel Shoot Specification Nikon D70D D1 D2 D2X D800/E D4 D2G D3 D3X D3S Canon EOS 5D, EOS 5Dmark2, EOS 7D, EOS 1D, EOS 1Dmark2, EOS 1Dmark2N, EOS 1Dmark3, EOS 1Dmark4, EOS 1Ds, EOS 1Dsmark2, EOS 1Dsmark3, EOS 1DX Sony A900, A850 24-70mm Camera with lens 24-105mm Camera with lens 24-200mm Camera with lens 300mm F4 Camera with lens 200mm F.8 Camera with lens
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