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qzsd q999c carbon fiber professional camera tripod monopod stand купить по лучшей цене

This TRIOPO MT2504C+NB-1S is a good companion for photography. It features magnesium aluminum alloy material for durable use. And it is foldable for potable carry. It also can be changed from tripod to monopod to be taken as a support stand while climbing. MT2504C Tripod Magnesium aluminum alloy material for durable use. Foldable for portable carry. With a hook that allows you to hang your bag or other objects. Stretchable from 32 to 160cm. Can change from tripod to monopod for different demands. Anti-skid foam handle for solid hold in cold or wet conditions. Leg stretchable knob, so you can adjust the height of the leg. NB-1S Ball Head High precision sphere for precise location and easy lock. Adjustable knob to fix the quick release plate. Horizontal adjustable knob to control 360-degree shooting. Damping locking knob to fix the camera at any angle for avoid fall accident. 360-degree panorama scales so that the photographer can easily control the layout. High-quality quick release plate with 1/4 screw for various cameras, such as card camera and DSLR camera. Specifications Model MT2504C+NB-1S Section 4 Tripod MaterialMagnesium aluminum alloy Min Height32cm Max Height 160cm (include the ball head) Foldable Height 45cm Leg Tube Diameter 25/16mm Sphere Diameter 28mm Max Loading 15kg/15kg (tripod/ball head) Product Weight1520g Package Size32 x 15 x 15 cm Package Contents1 x Tripod with Ball Head 1 x Package Bag1 x Certificate 1 x Manual 1 x Ball Head Pouch1 x Warranty1 x Wrench
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