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qzsd q999c carbon fiber professional camera tripod monopod stand купить по лучшей цене

The item combines SIRUI W2204 Tripod with K20X Ball Head, which can hold your camera steady and secure to achieve flexible shootings. It is easy to install without additional tools except  for the enclosed installation tools. The SIRUI tripod comes with 4 section adjustable legs, allowing you to shoot from low and high angles without affecting the stability of the camera. The tripod has been designed with a hook on the bottom of it for added stability on high wind locations. The dual use of the SIRUI allows it to be used as a tripod and also be converted into a monopod for a smaller support system. The lightweight carbon fiber legs allow the load capacity and vibration reduction to be increased compared to previous models without affecting the performance of the SIRUI. Lightweight 10 Layer 100% Carbon Fiber Legs  For added strength, increased load capacity and vibration reduction. Dual-use Tripod The tripod can be converted to the monopod. Centre Column The center column can be inverted for unusual low angle shots. Automatic Leg Angle Lock Mechanism Each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism, very convenient. 4 Section Legs 4-section adjustable legs with twist lock system, realizing your lowest or highest angle shooting and ensuring its stability. Hook on the Bottom Hook on the bottom of the tripod can hold a weight bag for added stability in windy days. Triple Bubble Levels of the Ball Head Allow precise horizontal leveling for critical shooting situations. Specifications Name SIRUI W2204 Waterproof Carbon Fiber Tripod with K20X Ball Head Brand SIRUI Model W2204+ K20X Material Carbon Fiber Sections 4 Max Tube Diameter 29.4mm Min Tube Diameter 18.6mm Retracted Height 67.5cm Folded Height 52cm Max Height 189.5cm Min Height 26cm Tripod Load Capacity 18kg Monopod Load Capacity 24kg Ball Diameter 38mm Ball Head Load Capacity 25kg Quick Release Plate TY-50X Quick Release Plate Size 55L x 50Wmm Product Weight 2100g Package Weight 2300g Package Size 70 x 30 x 30cm Package Contents 1 x SIRUI W2204 Tripod1 x K20X Ball Head1 x Carrying Bag 1 x Shoulder Strap1 x Monopod Wrist Strap1 x Allen Key1 x User Manual 1 x Warranty Card1 x Qualification Card
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