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replacement remote for hormann hsm2 868 hsm4 868mhz купить по лучшей цене

Overview: The ENOCEAN PI 868 is a 868MHz SMD mountable radio transceiver module enabling the realization of gateways for 868MHz radio systems. They provide a bidirectional radio interface at one end and a bidirectional serial interface at the other end. Radio messages are sent transparently through the serial interface in both directions from and to an externally connected host processor or host PC. In addition control commands can be sent from the host e.g. to configure the repeater functionality or to manage the Smart Ack functions. This module can act as postmaster for up to 15 bidirectional sensors using EnOcean Pi is available in three versions: EnOcean Pi 868 - Europe Middle East Africa Russia & China. (Important: Current SKU is EnOcean Pi 868) EnOcean Pi 902 - North America EnOcean Pi 315 - North America & APAC (excluding China). Features: - Frequency 868MHz - Smart Ack controller functionality - Transparent radio channel - Programmable repeater functionality (1/2 level) - ESP3 support - Not API programmable - UART serial interface - Power supply voltage range from 2.85V to 3.5V - Typical 3dBm conducted output power - 125Kbps data rate and ASK modulation
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