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Features Best Superb Ambarella Chipset & OV4689 Sensor With Ambarella chipset, one of the top chipsets in the HD vision industry, combined with OV4689 sensor together, the new Aoni 250 car DVR shows the excellent vision for you. It records greater scene details in poor lighting conditions and produces clearer, quick moving, action videos and more. G-Sensor Protects the Critical Footage G-Sensor senses sudden acceleration, braking and collisions in order to automatically capture and protect critical footage surrounding an accident. Through this function, the important files won't be removed by loop recording. Loop Recording Seamless loop-cycle recording. Won't leak seconds. More reliable and secure when the memory card is full. It will cover the earlier video and continue recording new videos, but won't cover the protected files. Specifications LCD 2.0inch TFT HD LCD panel Lens 120 degree wide viewing angle lens,6G all glass F2.0 Language English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Russian Video Format MP4 Video Solution (HDR 1920*1080P*30fps 16:9), (1920*1080P*30fps 16:9), (1280*720 *60fps 16:9), (1280*720 *30fps 16:9) Motion Detection On / off Video Mic. On / off Image Pixel 13M / 9M / 4M Image Format JPEG SD Memory 2GB-32GB Mic./speaker Built-in Auto Screen Saver On / off Auto Power Off off / 1min / 3mins / 5mins USB Port USB 2.0 Battery 3C 200mAh / 3.7V Li-ion battery System Requirement Windows XP2 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

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