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Since the publication of the first edition of The World Sport Psychology SourceBook the field of sport psychology within the sport and exercise sciences has changed dramatically. The consultation services of a sport psychologist are now considered essential for athletes participating in individual and team events. The Third Edition reflects the current status of sport psychology in the academic domain as well as in the applied field. This updated edition of The SourceBook presents a variety of initiatives that have been taken by researchers an practitioners of sport and exercise psychology since the release of Salmelas second edition in 1992. These initiatives are introduced to the reader in the international reports collected in this book. We concentrated our efforts on presenting the most up-to-date information on the sport psychology activities -- academic and applied -- conducted in each of the countries represented in this edition. Recognising the rapid growth of sport psychology around the globe The International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) established in 1965 decided to support the publication of a third edition of the World Sport Psychology SourceBook. This edition ushers in the new millennium an era that holds great promise for the profession and the discipline of sport and exercise psychology. The new edition is geared for negotiating the rapidly globalising world in which we live today. The editors recruited more national contributions than ever before and have added the continental descriptions as well. The third edition also includes a range of useful contacts most with email and internet addresses so that they can be reached instantly. A chapter has been added that provides information about ISSP itself and the various continental organisations representing sport psychology. The second main section of the SourceBook is made up of descriptions of activity in sport psychology in nations all around the world that submitted reports.

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