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It is really a very great experience while doing this particular project work (Alternative Approaches of Modernized Law in India) under the canopy of the Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Administrative Law, Law and Social Transformation in India, Political Science, Legal Regulation of Economic Enterprise, Sociology, Law of Torts and many other legal aspects. The modern age of justice delivery system has been flourished with various modern dispute settlement mechanisms which promote the process of speedy settlement of disputes. While doing the present research work we have tried to establish the view that law is the most powerful instrument to beckon the new trends in the dispute resolution systems with the help of various judicial pronouncements as well as with the help of various theories which were propounded by various scholars and jurists all across the world. Therefore, it has been established that, new trend is necessary in dispute resolution system and it is also the ultimate solution for establishing the socio-economic justice in order to create a utopian society under the canopy of utilitarianism principles.

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