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ugreen 20350 5 port usb digital charger station for mobile tablet pc digital camera power bank купить по лучшей цене

Portable digital USB charging station support the rapid charging 4 devices at the same time very convenient and suitable for travel and house usage. Provide four (4) the USB charging interface at the same time for the four digital equipment charging/power supply. Support the iPhone/ipod/mobile phone/tablet/digital camera/MP3 / MP4 USB 5 v power supply equipment. The power cord in line with the 3 c authentication appearance exquisite fashion at the same time small and portable. Provide 5V 1A USB charging interface is available for iPhone mobile phones and other equipment. Provide 5V 2A USB charging interface for the device tablet on the charging equipment using high demand. The built-in protection circuit module security more secure adopt high quality high temperature resistant fireproof material fine workmanship practical and beautiful. Built-in over voltage over current the leakage and short circuit protection module effectively to ensure the safety of equipment. Power master switch + LED lights display: power strip type design can long-term fixed place safe and reliable. Due to the constant voltage output 5 v current small devices such as 5 where v0. 5 a mobile phone MP3 can also be used on the 5V 1A and 5V 2A interface charge.
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