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universal battery charger w usb outlet for sony ericsson x10i more black 2 flat pin plug купить по лучшей цене

This is a multi-functional surge protector with 1 universal AC outlet and 4 USB ports. It also provides protection against overload, anti-thunder and power surges. Features Versatile design for charging multiple digital devices at the same time. With one universal 3-pin socket for most European, American, Australian & Asian plugs. Smart charging technology make charging speed 20% faster than normal charger. Unique USB intelligent recognition function, can easily recognize the connected devices and automatically match with the best charging current, protect your devices from over-current, ultimately extend the life of your device. Protection against over-current, over-voltage, electric leakage and short circuit and etc, make charging safer. With high quality PC shell, high temperature resistant and flame resistant. Groove and cable hook on the end design for rolling up the cable for tidy collection. Floding plug will not scratch other items. Universally compatible with 99% of the USB devices. Specifications Brand MaGel Input Voltage 110V-250V Interface 4 USB ports + 3-pin socket Max. Power 500W Rated Voltage 220V USB Current 1A-4A USB Output 4 x 1A, 2 x 2A Charging Voltage 5V±0.2V Max. Current 2A Cable Length 1.5m Product Size 160 x 50 x 35mm Package Contents 1 x Power Strip, 1 x Storage Bag
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