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The thematic understanding of management especially with respect to human resource management is changing constantly. Many developments have been made in the field of labour management leading to the establishment of new paradigms in management thinking such as employee satisfaction, emotional intelligence, internal marketing, lateral relations, group spirit, employee engagement etc. Whiles each of these concepts have strong merit and validation, each of them constitutes only a fragment of the fulcrum that is necessary to explain and exploit the positive elements of human behaviour. This book is an attempt to provide elucidation for the problematic managerial approaches that are at the root of all the snags in human resource management in the 21st century.It consolidates all the labour management problems into one concept and provides a detailed diagnosis of the problems by explaining how all the new paradigms are instigated by one main incongruity. The primary purpose of this book is to introduce a new theory in management thinking- thus ‘Violent Management’. The secondary purpose is to provide an added basis of manager evaluation to take human resource management to a new level

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