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Video The MIPOW PLAYBULB BTL400 Bluetooth LED Solar Lights Lamps Garden Outdoor is a green and novel LED solar light, which focuses on energy saving, environmental protection, and landscaping. The PLAYBULB X App can control LED solar lights' on/off, brightness, and colors after connecting your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Features Novel and stylish appearance with lightweight design. Wireless coverage range is up to 22m (66ft). PLAYBULB X App to control the LED solar lights, such as on/off, brightness, colors, light effects etc. PLAYBULB X App can control five LED solar light simultaneously. Powered by solar energy in the daytime and a singer full charger can last 20 hours' application. Turns on automatically when it gets dark while turns off when it is bright enough. Easy to operate with extensible monopod x 2, simply connect the accompanying monopod and it’s easy to push into grass. Uses intelligent circuit to protect the lights from overcharge, over-discharge, overvoltage, over-current, short-circuiting etc., extremely safe. Water-proof and dust-proof, protect your LED solar lights in wet days. Specifications Name MIPOW PLAYBULB BTL400 Bluetooth LED Solar Lights Lamps Garden Outdoor Brand MIPOW PLAYBULB Model BTL400 Type LED Solar Lights Mainframe Size 140D×43Hmm LED Power 30mw LED Current 15-20ma Battery Capacity 1000ma, Lithium-ion Battery Solar Panel Voltage 6V Solar Panel Output Current 150ma Solar Panel Charging Time 8-10h (The Strongest Light) Cycle Life 300 Times Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.0 Control Software PLAYBULB X App Wireless Transmission Range 20m (66ft) Support Agreement GATT Weight 270g
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