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willett m 1000 tattoos a sourcebook of designs for body decoration купить по лучшей цене

Highlights from all nine volumes of the highly successful Fabric Folios series to create the essential single-volume textile and design sourcebook Praise for the Fabric Folios series Lovers of textiles are sure to find a place for these reasonably priced books on their shelves ... turning each page is a surprise and a pleasure Joss Graham, The World of Interiors Fabric Folios are gorgeous designer sourcebooks exploring the variety of colour and pattern in textiles worldwide. Each book is a treasure trove of design and information. Traveller Magazine Sales points Showcases textiles from countries and regions of the world renowned for their rich textile and design heritage Includes various techniques of production: embroidery, weaving, printing and dyeing Shows each individual textile in full through a series of detailed photographs, allowing design enthusiasts and experts alike to get close-up and find inspiration for their own work Each section opens with a brief introduction by an expert in the field to provide a context for appreciating the superb designs
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