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women s inclusion and the gender gap in parliaments купить по лучшей цене

This book highlights the phenomenon of Gender Gap in education (GGE) which is a pervasive problem of India as a whole and of Uttarakhand. Though there is a sharp increase in the share of girls who enrol in, attend, and complete various levels of schooling but the significant gender gap at elementary level of education still exists. This book highlights that one explanation for this gender gap is the degree of social exclusion within Uttarakhand, as indicated by psycho-social inertia and heterogeneity, which triggers both economic and psycho-social mechanisms to limit girls' schooling. This book also focuses the causation of gender gap in education in Uttarakhand. This book discusses the policy problem by analyzing the stakeholders concerns and taking into account the ground realities and suggests the state government three policy alternatives. The first policy alternative is to maintain status quo.The second alternative is to shift the responsibility from public to private. The third policy alternative is to introduce more accountable education system with active support of all stakeholders, which is very effective, efficient,and plausible to bridge the gender gap in education.

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