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The process of textile finishing is always done with an aim to make the textile materials more suitable for their end uses. Finishing is the final step in the fabric manufacturing process and therefore, is the last chance to provide the properties that customers will value. Finishing completes the improvement of fabric’s performance and gives it special functional properties including the final ‘touch’.Multifunctional finishing denotes that the treated textiles can imparted with more than two desired functions by means of a single process/treatment.Functional properties of textiles can be defined as all the effects of fabric or garments that are beyond the pure aesthetic and decorative functions. Functional textiles are high-tech products with additional novel functions. They are value added products designed to perform certain specific additional functions.The development of smart or functional or intelligent coatings is gathering momentum as a fast growing emerging technology with the potential to considerably increase the functionalities of textiles.The future developments of textiles will have a two fold focus: upgrading existing functions and performances of textile materials.

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