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yuwell pulse finger oximeter meter led display direction 4 portable pulse oximeter blood monitor color oxygen spo2 free ship ce купить по лучшей цене

Model RPO-8A Color Grey + black + white Material PVC Quantity 1 Display Screen LCD 1.1" Functions Simple and easy to use just put your finger in it measuring result will show on the monitor; Oxygen content in blood should be 94~100% under low altitude and 60~100times/mins in static; If your measurement is beyond above result please measure 2~3 times during a day; Small lightweight and portable; Low energy-power; Battery volume indicating; Display SpO2; Display pulse rate value bar graph and pulse wave; Can change displaying direction; Auto power off after finger left for 5s; Quality get CE and FDA certification; Two years warranty period; Suitable people: People w/ heart disease high blood pressure and diabetes especially old people pregnant women people w/ respiratory disorder eople always on business and travel lovers busy workers and people often work over time people often go to fitness; Camping outdoor sports and outdoor exploration lovers workers under sealed environmental professional athletes Power 2 x AAA batteries (not included) Features Monitor resolution: 96 x 64; Measuring range: 35~100%; Precision: 70~100% +/-1%; Pulse measuring range: 30~250bpm (resolution: 1bpm) precision: +/-2bpm; It can display correct SpO2 and pulse rate when pulse fullness is 0.4% error of SpO2 is +/-4%; Power consumption: lower than 30mA; Working voltage: DC 3V; Battery working time: min 20h 32h in theory Packing List 1 x Pulse oximeter 1 x Strap 1 x English user manual
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